Sundown Green Chopped Straw Bedding 19kg


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Sundown Green is a bedding option that not only benefits your horse but also the environment. It is a very cost-effective choice, without compromising on quality. Unlike traditional long straw, this chopped straw bedding is easier to manage and makes mucking out a lot easier. It provides a high level of comfort and warmth for your horses’ hooves. Your horses and ponies will absolutely adore their Sundown Green beds!

  • Very Low Dust – One of the standout features of Sundown Green is the unique double dust-extraction method. Using a powerful vacuum, Sundown ensure that any dust is removed from the bedding, not just once, but twice!
  • Sustainable – Sundown use only the finest British wheat straw, sourced from local farms, for their Sundown Green bedding. This commitment to sourcing locally keeps quality standards high and reduces transportation miles as well as ensuring that their product is 100% British. By choosing Sundown Green, you are making an environmentally-friendly choice for both your horse and the planet.
  • Economical – In terms of value for money, Sundown Green is an excellent choice. It provides great coverage, a high level of comfort, is easy to muck-out reducing waste, and composts quickly.


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