Great Quality, Competitive PricesWe carefully choose our growers to provide quality plants at competitive prices

Bespoke Gardening ServiceAdvice on when to plant, which fertilisers to give, and how often

Outstanding Reputation Amongst GrowersOver 15 years of horticultural experience

About Bellflower Garden Centre

Bellflower Garden Centre & Country Store is an independent local supplier of garden plants, animal feeds, supplements, bedding, and accessories in Crowfield, Suffolk. Our range of quality plants and garden products are 90 per cent British grown and are ideal for homes, businesses, and farms in the UK.

Our garden centre at Woodfarm Business Centre is an ideal place to browse our plants and plant products as well as to have a look at our feeds and accessories for house pets, farm animals, horses, and poultry. Also take advantage of our new nationwide delivery service in the UK, our mail order service, or our new supply and plant service for added convenience.

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