Great Quality, Competitive PricesWe carefully choose our growers to provide quality plants at competitive prices

Bespoke Gardening ServiceAdvice on when to plant, which fertilisers to give, and how often

Outstanding Reputation Amongst GrowersOver 15 years of horticultural experience

Feed, bedding and supplements for animals

Keeping your pets or farm animals healthy and happy starts with a complete, nutritious diet. Bellflower Garden Centre has hundreds of quality animal and pet feed products to choose from, so you’ll surely find a healthy selection for your dog, horse, poultry, rabbits, goats, sheep, pigs, or wild birds. We carry high-quality feed from well-known brands such as Healthy Paws, Charnwood, Stance Equitech, Allen & Page, Honeychop, and more.

Bellflower Garden Centre carries horse supplements and treats to boost their diets and to give them a healthy gloss. Herbal and powdered supplements such as turmeric and chamomile are great for supplementing your horses’ diets, and they’ll be sure to love our Dengie Grass Pellets and minty horse treats, too.

We also carry a wide range of bedding products to keep your horses, poultry, or other small animals comfy and warm, including straw, wood shavings, softchip, wood pellets, and rape straw.

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