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Garden supplies and accessories

For all of your gardening supplies and accessories, look no further than the quality products offered by Bellflower Garden Centre. Whether you’ve got a green thumb and a knack for planting and growing beautiful gardens or you’re learning to grow your first garden from scratch, our gardening products can help you get the job done.

We carry a wide range of products designed to help you achieve a lush, healthy garden, such as flower, vegetable, and herb seeds as well as baskets and supports. Our plant feed products are designed to provide nutrients for flowers and plants right down to the roots, thus ensuring that your garden remains healthy.

Our compost products allow you to create your very own home garden and are available up to 60 L. Grow with confidence on a fresh bed of nutrient-rich soil and experience the benefits of our growing media.

If pests, weeds, or fungal growths are affecting your lawn or garden, we also stock high-quality products that can eliminate these problems at their source and allow your lawn and garden to grow healthy and strong.

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