Laysoft Soft-Chip Bedding – Full Pallet (35 x 25kg)


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Why choose Lay-Soft bedding?

For Horses:

  • Comfortable bedding for your equine companions.
  • Maintains warmth in winter and provides a cooling effect in the summer.
  • Dust-extracted for a clean and breathable stable environment.
  • Efficient liquid management ensures a dry and comfortable space for horses.
  • Sterilised without the use of chemicals, promoting horse health.
  • Low spore count supports respiratory well-being.

For Owners:

  • Effectively eliminates odours, reducing ammonia smells in the stable.
  • Environmentally responsible – crafted from 100% recycled white wood.
  • Soft chip bedding that remains in place, ensuring convenience for both horse and accessories.
  • Doesn’t adhere to horses or equipment, making for a hassle-free experience.
  • Super-absorbent properties simplify the mucking-out process.
  • Resistant to vermin, maintaining a clean and secure environment.

Lay-Soft Equine Horse & Animal Bedding represents a premium soft-chip bedding option renowned for its exceptional qualities. Its stable nature ensures a hygienic, comfortable, and warm haven for animals. Produced at Ron Hull Group’s Wood Recycling plant, Lay-Soft undergoes a meticulous process to create a clean, highly absorbent, and dust-free bedding specifically tailored for horses.

This bedding offers an added advantage with it’s built-in insulation, guaranteeing warmth and comfort. Its dust-extracted and super-absorbent features not only enhance stable cleanliness but also streamline the “mucking out” process, making it more efficient. Lay-Soft isn’t just a practical choice; it’s also an environmentally responsible one.

Every piece of Lay-Soft bedding is made from 100% recycled white wood, so by choosing Lay-Soft, not only are you providing your animals with an exemplary bedding solution, but you’re also contributing to a greener, eco-conscious approach to animal care. Opt for Lay-Soft Equine Horse & Animal Bedding and experience excellence in comfort, hygiene, and environmental responsibility.


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