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Sundown Egg-e-bed Poultry Bedding – Your Flock’s New Favorite Bedding!

Elevate your poultry’s comfort and well-being with Sundown’s finely-chopped wheat straw bedding, specially crafted to cater to your feathered friends and the planet. Here’s why Sundown Egg-e-bed is the perfect bedding choice for your coop:

  • Encourages Nesting and Laying: The carefully selected, shorter-chopped wheat straw is perfect for nesting and laying, ensuring your hens feel right at home.
  • High-Quality, Locally Sourced: Sundown use only the finest British wheat straw from nearby farms. This commitment to local sourcing keeps their quality exceptional while reducing the transport mileage.
  • Very Low Dust: Say goodbye to dusty coops and hello to a healthier environment thanks to Sundown’s innovative double dust-extraction method. Plus, the added eucalyptus fragrance keeps the air smelling fresh and clean.
  • Highly Sustainable: Not only does Sundown Egg-e-bed offer a cozy haven for your poultry, but it also composts quickly into a nutritious plant fertiliser, promoting eco-friendly practices.

Benefits of Sundown Egg-e-bed Poultry Bedding:

✅ Best quality 100% British wheat straw
✅ Soft, warm, and cozy
✅ Fresh eucalyptus fragrance
✅ Finely chopped for a fluffy bed
✅ Encourages nesting and laying
✅ Suitable for poultry of all ages
✅ Compostable, making a nutritious garden fertilizer

Elevate your poultry’s quality of life and create a cleaner, more comfortable coop environment with Sundown Egg-e-bed Poultry Bedding. Your flock will thank you!


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