Dengie Alfa-A Oil 20kg


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Suitable for horses & ponies:
• in hard work
• who require slow-release energy to improve stamina
• with an intolerance to cereals or molasses
• who are over-excitable or prone to muscle problems (ERS / Tying Up)
• prone to digestive upsets or who behave erratically after feeding

Dengie Alfa-A Oil is a pure alfalfa fibre feed ideal for fuelling hard work, condition and stamina in horses and ponies, and provides a comparable amount of slow-release energy as a competition or conditioning mix, but without excessive levels of starch making ideal for horses that have ERS (suffer from tying up).

Alfa-A Oil is made from pure alfalfa which is rich in highly digestible fibre and packed with essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. It is also high in protein making it ideal for helping with muscle tone and function, and with its high oil content it helps promote healthy skin, coat shine and general show ring condition.

Alfa-a Oil should be fed with a source if vitamins and minerals such as a high specification balancer or broad spectrum vitamin and mineral supplement.

Composition: Alfalfa, rape seed oil

Analytical Constituents: Protein 14%, Oil 12%, Ash 9%, Fibre 27%, Sugar 4.5%, Starch 2%, Digestible Energy 12.5MJ/kg


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