Charnwood Veteran Horse Mix 20kg


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Charnwood Veteran Horse Mix is a muesli style feed, lightly sprayed with molasses and refined soya oil, that combines quality proteins with energy-providing raw materials, that have been chosen for their high digestibility and palatability. Charnwood Vitamin, Mineral & Trace Element Supplement has been included in the feed to keep your horse or pony in top health.

All of the cereals included have been micronized, and the mix contains a good quantity of quality fibre, ideal for those horses which have difficulty in eating forage.

Composition: Horse Concentrate Pellets; Oatfeed Nuts; Micronized Flaked Barley; Lucerne (Alfalfa) Nuts; Soya Hulls; Micronized Flaked Maize; Molashine; Micronized Full Fat Soya Flakes; Kibbled Locust Beans; Flaked Peas; Refined Soya Oil; Selected Yeast Cells (Saccharomyces cerevisiae var. Ellipsoideus); EEC permitted antioxidant; Vitamin A 12000us/kg; Vitamin D3 1200ius/kg; Vitamin E 150ius/kg; Vitamin B1 10mg/kg; Vitamin B2 5mg/kg; Vitamin B6 5mg/kg; Vitamin B12 24mcg/kg; Nicotinic Acid 15mg/kg; Pantothenic Acid 16mg/kg; Folic Acid 5.0mg/kg; Choline Chloride 120mg/kg; Iron 133mg/kg; Copper 30mg/kg; Biotin 500mcg/kg; Manganese 70mg/kg; Zinc 120mg/kg; Iodine 0.5mg/kg; Cobalt 1.00mg/kg; Antioxidant 100mg/kg

Analytical Constituents: Protein 3.20%, Oil 5.5%, Fibre 13.50%, Ash 8.60%, Lysine 0.60%, Cystine 0.20%, Methionine 0.20%, Calcium 1.10%, Phosphorous 0.55%, Salt 1.20%, Linoleic Acid 1.90%, Threonine 0.41%, Digestible Energy (Horses) 11.15mj/kg (as fed)


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