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Rural living in the UK has its benefits, such as the calm serenity of the countryside and wide open spaces for walking the dog. Unfortunately, hard water is a common problem for many rural homes, which is why you should consider using granular salt such as our Hydrosoft granular salt and salt tablets. These salts are ideal for all types of water softeners and dissolve slowly and evenly, thus leading to no noticeable buildup of salt in the softener.

We also carry Hydrosoft salt tablets which are amongst the purest salt tablets available for water softeners. The tablet form is tightly compacted and thus leads to a slow and gradual brining of hard water, with no residue left behind on the base of the softener.

If pests such as rodents are causing problems in your home or garden, we’ve got rat and mouse killers that are friendly for household use whilst delivering superb baiting technology to address the problem efficiently. Our rat and mouse killers are available in either grain sachets or blocks.

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