Great Quality, Competitive PricesWe carefully choose our growers to provide quality plants at competitive prices

Bespoke Gardening ServiceAdvice on when to plant, which fertilisers to give, and how often

Outstanding Reputation Amongst GrowersOver 15 years of horticultural experience

Liven up your garden

Bellflower Garden Centre sources all plants from vetted, quality growers that produce quality plants suitable for growing in the UK. Whether you’re looking for vibrant bulbs to liven up your home garden, colourful flowers for your flowerbed, or lush, green shrubs and clematis climbers, explore our selection of high-quality plants below.

In addition to beautiful shrubs, bulbs, and spring and summer flowers, we also carry edibles such as broccoli, beetroot, brussel sprouts, and carrots. Take confidence growing your own food with our quality seeds.

We are proud to offer a local supply and plant service. Enquire with us about your garden or landscaping project and we will acquire quality plant species and supply them to you anywhere in the UK. 90 per cent of our plants are proudly British-grown whilst the remainder are sourced from quality suppliers, so you can rest assured that your garden plants will grow well anywhere in Britain.

As a supplier of premium garden plants in Suffolk, we endeavour to provide our customers with added value. That’s why we provide assistance and information with every garden plant in our catalogue, such as the right time of the year to plant, whether or not fertiliser is required, and if so, which type of fertiliser and how often it should be applied.

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