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Gas, Logs & Kindling

Bellflower Garden Centre carries an extensive range of logs & kindling and gas products for a wide variety of uses. Our hardwood logs and kindling are perfect indoors in a fireplace, but they’re also excellent whilst camping in the great outdoors as a source of warmth, for cooking, or for heating up a kettle of tea on a brisk morning. The hardwood logs are premium kiln-dried birch, will burn at high heat, and will produce a bright flame ideal for log burners and open fires.

From having a backyard barbeque to commercial and industrial uses such as in propellants or aerosols, our butane gas bottles are ideal for all sorts of uses. Butane is well-known to be a more environmentally-friendly gas since it doesn’t affect the ozone layer and is not a greenhouse gas (GHG). We carry a wide range of butane gas bottles in all commonly-used sizes from 4.5 kg up to 13 kg.

We also carry 18 kg propane bottles for use in cooking and in home water heaters. All of our butane and propane gas bottles can be purchased new or we can refill your existing propane or butane gas bottle for you, which is more cost-effective.

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