Saracen Enduro-Performance 20kg


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Saracen Enduro-Performance is a high oil, energy efficient, high fibre mix designed to meet the nutritional demands of horses taking part in high level dressage or endurance events. The mix releases its energy slowly, making it suitable for horses not taking part in sprint events. The high fibre content supplies long lasting energy and also ensures good gut health & gut mobility during competition so the horse doesn’t feel blocked or bloated. Enduro-Performance also contains chelated minerals which help improve the protein content of the mixture and increase resistance to muscle stress during competition or training.

Composition: Dried Sugar Beet Pulp, Crushed Oats, Barley Flakes, Soya Hulls, Lucerne Pellets, Maize Flakes, Molasses, Soya Flakes, Soya Oil, Vitamins, Soya Bean Meal, Yeast, Minerals, Mixture of Flavouring Compounds

Analytical Constituents: Oil 10.0%, Protein 11.0%, Fibre 12.5%, Starch 20.0%, Vitamin A 21,000 IU/kg, Vitamin D 3,450 IU/kg, Vitamin E 485 IU/kg, Selenium 0.58 mg/kg, Digestible Energy 13.6 MJ/kg

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