Dengie Grass Pellets 20kg


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Suitable for:
• fussy eaters
• horses and ponies with dental issues
• use in snack balls to help reduce boredom
• use as a soaked feed
• other grass eating animals

Dengie Grass Pellets are made from 100% naturally grown meadow grass, are high in fibre and can be used as a partial hay replacer. They are naturally sweet making them good for fussy eaters or as a natural treat. Dengie Grass Pellets are non-gm and contain no artificial flavours or preservatives, and are free from molasses, straw, binders and fillers.

It is advised to soak the grass pellets before feeding to reduce the risk of choke, and this also makes them easier to eat for horse and ponies with dental problems. Soaking time can vary, but at least 2 hours is advised for a cold soak, and 15 mins for a warm soak.

Composition: Grass

Analytical Constituents: Protein 18%, Oil 3%, Ash 10%, Fibre 20%, Sugar 12%, Starch 2%, Digestible Energy 10MJ/kg


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