Charnwood Hi Fibre Horse Nuts 20kg


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Charnwood Hi Fibre Horse Nuts is a high fibre feed with a good level of energy suitable for all horses and ponies. It can be used as a complete feed, and is especially useful for horses and ponies that suffer from Respiratory problems.

Composition: Wheat Middlings; Oatfeed Meal; Grass Meal; Sunflower Meal; Maize Gluten Feed Meal; Peanut Meal; Molasses; Limestone Flour; Vegetable Oil; Salt; Dicalcium Phosphate; Vitamin/Mineral/Trace Element Supplement; EEC permitted Antioxidant; Vitamin A 10,000 ius/KG; Vitamin D3 3,000 ius/kg; Vitamin E 20 ius/kg

Analytical Constituents: Protein 13.00%, Oil 5.90%, Fibre 14.00%, Ash 8.00%, Lysine 0.49%, Cystine 0.22%, Methionine 0.24%, Calcium 1.00%, Phosphorous 0.50%, Salt 0.76%, Linoleic Acid 2.20%, Threonine 0.46%, Metabolizable Energy 11.46 mj/kg


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